About me

Ever since I was a little kid, graphic design has been my passion. I still remember sitting on my father’s chair who was a graphic designer at that time and enjoy seeing him working hard.
After that in high school even though I was studying mathematics, my passion for art continues and in that time I found that I should follow my heart institution so I decided to study graphic design at Soore art university which was a very valuable experience for me due to its masters and its atmosphere.
During my education at Soore University, I did a lot of graphic design & web design for the university which develop my level & credit a lot. In addition, I started to work with some famous companies such as Snapp trip, Alibaba, Hr talk… during this time.
That sparkle in my journey was created suddenly by my enthusiasm for brain science & cognitive design, so I took “Basics of Neuroscience Application” course at Shahid Beheshti University which helped me a lot in UX & CX process later.
After a while I decided to continue my education in MA of visual communication design and I chose “visual perception in cognitive science for design target audience” as my master thesis subject.